2016 Prices and Booking

Costs are quoted per day. When more than 1 person is booked for instruction  divide the quoted price by the number of people to get the price per person per day.

Summer Instruction & Guiding

Prices for Lake District/Yorkshire Dales based courses.

Rock climbing and Scrambling

£170 for 1 person

£185 for 2 persons

Guided Walking or Navigation Days (1 to 6 max ratio)

£160 for 1 person

Add £10 for each additional person up to a maximum of 6 persons.

Rates in other areas will be slightly higher depending on distance travelled and number of days booked (the longer the duration of the booking the more worthwhile it is for me to travel and the less the extra cost), please contact me to discuss.

Winter Instruction & Guiding

Winter courses are based in the Fort William area (other locations are possible).

Winter Climbing or Mountaineering

£185 for 1 person

£200 for 2 persons

Winter Skills, Navigation or Guided Winter Hill Walking

£175 for 1 person

£185 for 2 persons

£195 for a group of 3 persons

£210 for a group of 4 persons

To make a booking please first contact me to discuss what you would like to do and agree dates and then complete a booking form.

Contact Details

Email address

Telephone on 01539 726237 or 07887 933262 (mobile)

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