Kit List (Summer)

Please feel free to contact me for advice on kit matters.  The list below is provided as a source of basic advice and will also serve as a kit checklist when packing for each day out on the hill.  Forgetting your waterproofs or Rock Climbing Shoes, for example, would completely ruin your day!

Walking/Mountaineering Boots – Good quality and well fitting walking boots will make your experience so much more comfortable and provide good support and grip on rough ground. For all but the simplest scrambling a boot with a bit of stiffness in the sole (Ideally B2 rated – B1 as a minimum) will provide a more stable platform to stand on sometimes smallish footholds. In dry conditions some Approach/climbing style trainers can work well. Good quality socks and personalised footbeds can make all the difference for comfort.

Waterproof jacket – Good quality (ideally) breathable model with a large hood (that fits over a climbing helmet if climbing or scrambling).  I would advise against relying totally on Soft shell garments – it is often just too wet in the UK.

Waterproof Trousers – Full length or ¾ length zip makes them much easier to get on/off over boots.

Gaiters – not essential but very nice to have on wet ground and scree.

Gloves – 2 pairs of thin liner style  gloves and a pair of Ski type gloves/mitts. Even in summer it can be cold for the hands especially if wet and windy.


Rucksack – Big enough to get all your kit inside – around 35 to 50 litres depending on whether you have climbing/camping gear. A waterproof liner/drysac is highly recommended.

Head Torch – With long life batteries/spares – especially outside high summer.

Map and Compass – On Navigation courses it is essential each person carries a compass and map of the area (Laminated or in a good quality map case eg. Ortileeb).  O.S 1:50,000 or 1:25,000 scale recommended.

Food and Drink – At least 1 litre of liquid (more on hot days).  Include plenty of high energy top up snacks eg. cereal bars, chocolate, boiled sweets.

Mobile Phone – Always worth taking.  Keep it dry.

Clothing – A wicking thermal vest and fleece layer plus a spare layer (fleece or wool).  Fleece, soft shell or similarly warm trousers.  In hot weather wear cooler wicking layers, a collared long sleeve shirt and light full length trousers are good additions to avoid over exposure to the sun if starting the day in shorts and a T shirt.

Sun Protection – High factor sun cream, sun hat and sunglasses are essential some days.

Midge Repellent – Sometimes a sanity saver if rock climbing or camping.

Camera – Yes record those memorable experiences but remember for climbing/scrambling small and simple means you will actually take some photos rather than the camera staying in the rucsac.


Helmet – Essential – bring your own or request one.

Harness – bring your own or request one.

Hardware – Provided by Aspire Mountaineering.  If wishing to lead climb and you want to use your own protection equipment please feel free to bring it along.

Rock Climbing Shoes – If you have them bring yours along, if not contact Aspire Mountaineering.

Aspire Mountaineering Staff will carry a group shelter, basic first aid kit and for climbing courses provide the ropes and protection hardware.